Monday, May 02, 2016

[FANFIC] 10 Years of Friendship; 10 Years of Love

I know it's a bit late for me to post a fanfic regarding Takamina's graduation. But I just can't let everything pass, can I?

So here, please say hello to my another piece of work. Welcome me back to the world of fanfics... *cough cough* atsumina *cough cough*


10 Years of Friendship; 10 Years of Love

(A Takahashi Minami Graduation Special)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

It's Still AKB

It took me months to actually post something here again. Anyways, hello readers of this blog!
Apparently I'm really tremendously busy with work. It's though as if I'm in a whole new world. Well, it is. Coz I've been working in my previous work as a design/project architect for about 2 years and a half, while here in my new work I'm a field architect. Which is more about building what's been drawn, solving problems from cost to construction application. It's really a challenge everyday and seems like time isn't enough in a day everyday. Some might say it's a time management issues, but if you'll look closely and if you really are in a situation like mine, you'll just end up having the same thoughts as me. 

It ain't for a one person work. And come to think of it, we are working from 7AM to 4PM, Mondays-Saturdays. That's what's in the contract that I've signed. But eventually you'll realize you've been working for about 12 hours a day. It's really unhealthy and depressing to have such a day routine all over again week by week. I'm quite thinking if everything is all worth it in the end. Yes it's true that there are no times that you'll get bored coz every time is essential and every bits of it has multiple tasks to do. As well as you have so much to learn everyday. But then it's the mental, physical, and emotional aspects that are always in battle. Like everyday is a war of your life. Feels like I'm exaggerating things right? But no, I'm not. It's really the life I have right now. 

Not much time for self, family and even fandom anymore and it's really sad. I know I have the choice to leave, but I still am thinking whether it's just a phase or it's really cruel. Must be a sign also that I'm not working hard enough? I don't know, perhaps I need more time to decide. Anyways, I'll do my best everyday. Coz I've signed myself into this job, so I should do what it requires and whatever succeeds in the said contract. 

Personal aside, if you'll ask me what have I been stalking in fandom when I rarely have the time. It's them. Coz I still love these legends. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

AKB48 Nostalgia

I don't know if it's just a temporary feeling, but my AKB48 love is resurfacing. It's quite a shock since I'm sure I was over them. lol But here I am now, listening to Maeda Atsuko's Flower single. hah!

And before I even found myself listening to her again, I was re-watching AKB48 graduation concerts earlier. Can you believe that? It's a first miracle in my 2016! lol Seriously, who would have thought that this could happen?

Perhaps because facebook automatically plays a video on my feed about the recent reunion of original members that caught my attention. I did stop scrolling when I saw Maeda and Oshima together again. ww And Sayaka, I miss you so much too. Tomochin.. omygod my feelings right now, I cannot control. Haha! It's fun knowing that I hadn't erased my downloaded videos and pictures of this wonderful group. Ahh, I love myself for that.

Anyways, I pretty much have the urge to continue my fanfics right now. Hopefully this motivation and overflowing nostalgia ain't gonna stop, so I can fulfill that wishful thinking. I wonder if there will be people from way back who will be happy to this announcement. Hello my fanfic readers, I missed you all. lol

Come to think of it, it's my first blog entry of the year 2016! Yay for that! Happy New Year everyone, even though it's a bit late for this greeting. But hey, it's still January! Better late than nothing! www

I'm not that updated anymore about the girls, all I know is that Takamina is about to graduate. (or she graduated already?) lol Now that's exciting. Can someone tell me updates about them? If it's not too much to ask for. Oh god, I have a lot of catching up to do. Although I pretty much am informed that Atsuko is single again. HAHAHAHA!

Yas for more ATSUMINA, I just wish Takamina would stop wearing too girly outfits. Coz a real man should be manly. lol 
Yes Taka, please wear more sleeves. www

Pics were from her birthday? I can't believe I hadn't even remember the date. Ahhhh... Anyways I think I'll be forgiven. Omygosh, I love this feeling again... 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Love is "4 Walls" Love is "f(x)"

And when you thought I was gone for good, nuh-uh! I'm back, bishes!!

I just can't stop this blood of a blogger and fangirl of mine as I watched f(x) comeback recently. Damn fcking f(x) sucking me in again to this crazy world of fandom! Their comeback can't be ignored for it's just really amazing! 

It has been like forever since their last promotion as a group, and now that they've finally released their 4th album, it felt like the long wait was worth it. It was a grandiose comeback as their music came out pretty well on different charts. Their music video has reached 4.8M views & their album sales reached 60K in just 6 days!! God is real! I'm so happy for our f(x).

Right now I've supported them by pre-ordering their album, 2 versions to be exact. Also, my comeback as a blogger is all because of them. Been viewing their music video multiple times and even recommending them to friends and even at our office. lol. That's how f(x) ruined my serious life, but I'm happy they did. It's about time to loosen up things a bit and just enjoy this fcking crazy life with some f(x) ethereal music! 

Please vote for them on music shows too. You'll pretty much be successful in life if you do. Try recommending them as well to your acquaintances and all. Ha!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

[150411] Jessica's Birthday Party

Last night was Jessica's 27th birthday party with her fans, a week earlier to her actual day. The said party was organized mainly by her fans but Jessica also coordinated in giving gifts and packaging snacks as stated to some tweets. And it all went a success and I am grateful towards these fans giving Jessica a wonderful and precious memory to cherish her whole life.

Seriously! Jessica has the best fans and I can say that she's the most generous idol I've witnessed!! Yesterday was a massive tear-jerking moment in my entire fandom. It was like the most gracious point in my fandom wherein I've discovered my idol's genuine self. I know that I haven't been a long-time fan of Jessica, but considering that I've been moved like this by her, I have truly embraced this fandom. Jessica is way too nice! She's way beyond something that I'm expecting from a typical idol. What's there not to love about her?

(Credits: JessicaFanUnion)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It All Started Here: f(x)

I guess a lot of you knew that I started loving Jessica right after she was kicked out from her group. That I wouldn't actually meet and try out to search more about Jessica if it weren't because of that issue before. I'm not supposed to be happy about that sad news but my new fandom started from there, and I'll just consider that as a new chapter for Jessica and my fandom.

But! I'm not gonna elaborate more on that! I think I finished explaining things about how it all started from Jessica. Now let's go with Krystal Jung Soojung. Of course with Jessica, there's always her little sister. As far as I could remember, I met Krystal due to Jessica & Krystal reality show. And from there, I search f(x) videos, and just one of it made me a huge fan already.

Good thing, it's Rum Pum Pum Pum that first popped out on youtube. I honestly got distracted by the thumbnail all because of Krystal's red hair. (Damn that attractive lady!) And good thing as well because Rum Pum Pum Pum is from what almost f(x) fans called their bible, The "Pink Tape" album.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Krissica (Blanc & Eclare)

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you got so overwhelmed with a lot of data and pictures about your favorite idol and yet you still can't blog anything about him/her? lol That's just me!

I'm completely immobile about this fandom, even though my heart is raging with love for Jessica and Krystal. I guess it's something to do with a massive amount of kpop stans around the world, which completely bombards my head with a lot of unmanageable data. Oh god, this is the reason why I gave up pretty fast in spazzing over Suzy before too. w But I guess my love for Jessica and Krystal is way beyond that, right?  I'm having a fandom shock when it comes to the amount of people and not to mention the aggressive ones too. This is a whole new world for me (oh my innocent mind), damn kpop world invasion! lol

Having too much is also bad!! Remember that!

But anyways, let's get to the point of this entry now... w