Saturday, March 31, 2012

Damn!! T.O.P You're So H.O.T!!

This guy don't need to strip in front of me. His face, body stature as well as his fashion are already enough. If he takes off his clothes in public it means it's the end of the world. DAMN!! WHY ARE YOU SO HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!

Oh looking back at my past blog entries, I still haven't made blog entries about my husbands.. LOL! Since TOP is no. 1 on my list.. Then I just wanted to share how I fell in love with him... It all started (wow I sounded like an old story teller XD) when I first saw bigbang on ARIRANG. I'm not sure at the exact date but it was on my high school days. It was Last Farewell that made me recognize BIGBANG first.. They are all eye candies.. GD, Taeyang, Seungri and Dae!! But there's this one person that caught my heart and mind which I can't forget easily.. (TROLOLOLOL). It was T.O.P! His raps made me dream more about him. XD I love the way he dresses, his facial expression, body movements, EVERYTHING actually. HAHAHAHA!! Ugh. He's the only celebrity guy that makes me go crazy with WHATEVER fashion he likes to apply on himself. From cutting his hair till making it bald, coloring his hair from black to white to blue, switching with different types of costumes or outfits.. DAMMIT! Everything seemed to fit him very well!! I love you oppa!!! Y U so handsome dear husband number 1! I just can't take my eyes off you especially with these photos...ARRRR

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

woot! Finally I've finished this k-drama now. Well honestly I did not expect for myself to watch the drama "fully". XD As you can see this k-drama was released on the year of 2010.. and what year are we today? LOL! Yup! When I've seen this drama from then I thought it was really boring.. even though that Micky Yoochun was there as the male lead, I did not really bother to watch it by then. But since when our summer vacation broke through I got quite bored by just lurking the internet for different stuffs.. so I ended up watching this drama..
source: squidoo

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bom's different faces

I actually don't know why I'm blogging about this XD LOL! Not that really crazy about Bom but I must say I'm a fan of 2ne1. I just found some photos of Bom and it's kinda shocking for me to see different faces of her. XD I know she also had gone plastic surgery (obviously) but I don't know the exact information about it. But even so, I just wanted to share some photos of her that made me shocked.

Few photos are kinda scary for me though. LOL! I dont know if it's the make up that does it or it's just that it shows different transformation of Bom's faces. XD Looking at these photos below from Bom's past makes it a proof to what I'm saying. You guys judge whether it's all about the makeup that brings a shocking different faces of her. hmmm..


Maybe few of you are really looking forward to my review over this topic. Well honestly I was not that updated for the past few weeks because I was busy doing other stuffs at our province. But anyways I'm back now in the city, so I'll start looking at my sources. Hmmm...
Oh by the way, CONGRATS my dear Scandal Band for getting thru Budokan with a successful event. So proud of you 4 members, HARUNA, TOMOMI, MAMI and RINA!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally! IU joined Twitter

Yup! We all hear it right. I find this opportunity really USEFUL. I've been waiting for this event to come and be able to compare the popularity between both of my beloved little sisters, IU and Suzy. Since both of them are very well popular in S.Korea now and overseas, I think it's about time. But of course comparing their popularity does not mean comparing their talents or their position in my heart. trololol. For me the two of them are the best female idols that are pretty as well as talented. They both deserved to be recognized by lots of people. It's just that I really am just curious whether who's the most popular one. We both know that Suzy and IU were also famous with their nickname as South Korea's National Little Sisters together with Moon.. (whatever her name is) XD Now the no. of their followers will tell who's the most popular one! But since IU just got started, it's a bit unfair if we'll judge now.. Let's wait a bit longerrrrrr :3

Since I'm really busy watching k-dramas I'm not really that active on the internet.. But was able to look at IU's twitter right now and be able to update my blog. XD It's really nice to see her on twitter gaining fans all over the world. Right now she has these stats on her twitter...
and with those 17 people she's following.. One of them was her BFF SUZY!!!!! aaaaaaahhhh!!! It's really good to know that she's on her 1st lists to follow. aah I love them two! This only shows the closeness of their friendship!! *heart*

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goddess of Beauty!!!

Damn it! LOL! sorry 'bout that but I just can't hide the feeling of craziness as well as envy towards this girl. BAE SUZY. As you can see I'm creating hallucinations that she is my little sister.. I'm proud to be one. trololol! And because I'm her big sister I will support and promote her on my blog no matter what!!! Suzy is just so amazing she's a true Goddess of Beauty for me. I've known that already since the 1st time I saw her and these latest photos of her make it even more OBVIOUS!!! dammit! I envy this little girl. She's still so young yet she's gaining LOTS of attention because of her beauty. It only shows that this young lady is mature enough to take care of her own beauty, the skin, the figure etc. etc.!!! aaaaah!! I think she's too adorable!! Damn it Suzy you're so perfect!!!

I can't believe it IU!!

Hello! Does my title for today bothers you? LOL! Recently we've found my favorite BFF idols IU and Suzy attend the program KPOP Star. Oh my two sisters are getting along very well. hihi! Even though Suzy is with her MISS A unnies she still prefer seating beside her BFF IU!! aw that's so sweet dear! ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Let's congratulate our Suzy for the success of her movie Introduction to Architecture. According to her tweet, "Introduction to Architecture got up 1st place on Box Office already". Her movie was out I think just yesterday (March 22,2012) nationwide in South Korea. Wow! really!! congratulations to her, to the other casts and the staffs of this movie!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kim Soo Hyun X Suzy (part 2)

WOW! My blog is beginning to get a lot of attention with its Korean contents. The most popular korean blog entry I have was this one..Kim Soo Hyun X Suzy (Soo-Zy or Hyun-Zy). And because of that I will make another blog entry about my favorite couple! *sigh* when will they be together again? = =
Soo Hyun and Suzy must always contact each other and just DATE already! REALLY!!!

NOTE!!! IF YOU REALLY CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF SAMDONG and HYEMI.. then this blog will be the best for you!!! hahaha because I sure will UPDATE about the two!!! *heart* (expect more of this in the future)

I will share photos I've seen on the internet. I'm a great researcher about my favorite Idols that is why I have plenty of things to share with you guys. Good thing I'm generous enough to share things I'm seeing. LOL!

Anyways here they are! Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun FOREVER!!!! Let DH 1 live longer than any other K-dramas!!! And please! Taecyeon get out of the Sam Dong x Hye Mi fever.. anyways I can have you. LOL!!!
ENJOY!! Keep sharing my blog as well as please LIKE and share too Suzy's page on facebook that I made!!
--------> Bae Suzy FB page<------------

SAM DONG: You are the MOST beautiful girl I've ever seen!!!! LOOL! then Hye Mi (suzy) smiles beautifully.. AAAKKK precious!!!! 


Ohohoho! It's the start of our 'summer vacation' wohoo!
1st day and so is will be the last! LOL! Gotta prepare and do things I needed to compile in order to make my thesis justifiable. Well as you can see Architecture course thesis is not like any other courses' thesis. For us it is our great momentum! THE JUDGMENT for us to pass this 5 year course!! WE DO IT INDIVIDUALLY!!! not a group like other courses!! We do it the whole year! It's like choosing or accepting a project in the practice world of architecture. We need to think that this will be our 1ST EVER PROJECT as an ARCHITECT. ARCHITECTURE is definitely one of the hardest courses!!! Just so you know, we're not just about the drawing.. We're also about the brains.. because without it we will not get this FAR!  whew!! I'm really nervous now. Hopefully I will pass all my subjects in my 4th year 2nd sem so that I can continue to 5th year. Well yeah, to tell you guys honestly I'm not confident on 1 subject right now. My performance on the subject really sucks not all but MOST of them. trololol. *sigh* I just wish that professor will still pass me though. Besides his last exam *finals* was truly not on the lecture he has given. So fck you prof!!! LOL!

Anyways stop with the rant.. I received a comment from a SCANDAL fan that he will un-bookmark my site if there are no SCANDAL updates in here anymore. Well if you really like to do it then go ahead! LOL! But you never know what I might put or update on my blog. ;) sorry if you'll miss out my SCANDAL updates when I wanted to post about them. Honestly my updates here in the blog depends on my mood.. If I wanted to post SCANDAL.. then I post.. if I want Suzy.. then it'll be her.. and if I feel like posting other else.. then I'll post them.. Just so you know. This blog is NOT dedicated to only ONE artist nor just about 'fandom'.. It's just about RANDOM things I like!!! So please be open minded enough.. and just pray that I will also like what you like!! so you can get lots of updates about it. LOL! If you want you can suggest to me what are your requests of topic on my FB page----> KP3P-keismagic <------ post on that wall coz I'll be reading them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SUZY.gif #2

Still on the process of finishing my design plate of a high rise condominium.. and fuck we also have exams for tomorrow.. GOOD GOOD GOOD.. I'm not planning on reviewing anything except for math. Well as you can see your dear blogger is not that very good when it comes to numbers. I sure am gonna explode seeing different equations or other math problems.. Seriosuly.. MATH is NOT my thing.. that's why I really need to study it in order for me NOT to fail.. huhuhu.. Why my love for math stopped when I reached college?? college math is horrible.. or should I say.. professors are just crap..= =

Anyways.. I'm taking a break time.. hohoho so here's my update for today.. Our beloved Suzy!!!

Suzy with her Pre Debut Songs

I know, I know.. It's Suzy again *heart* haha If you guys don't like my updates then, you can now leave my page alone. LOL!
sorry Scandal fans, I really am.. it might be hurtful but I think I've already reached my peak of fandom with SCANDAL band which causes me to lie low for the meantime and look for someone else that will entertain me MORE. I did not say that they don't entertain me anymore, it's just that.. for this moment maybe I really need to have a break from them since too much is not really good enough.. It's much better than giving up on them totally right? haha! I still LOVE SCANDAL! They are my first love when it comes to Japanese bands.. they are an inspiration!!!! 

Okay back to the original topic.. well.. I'm doing my design plate here and I needed some sound in order for me to stay awake the whole long night of cramming. LOL! And so I decided to hear out Suzy's voice.. yikeee.. I think these 2 songs for the whole night will be enough for me to cope up with sleep. TT
Suzy my little sister will be by my side.. *FCK! I sounded like a sasaeng fan with those hallucinations* trololol! XD but oh well as long as I can control myself then I'm still okay. hoho!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I hate my laptop!!!

Seriously I feel like my laptop has the slowest processor ever!!! DAMMIT, IF only I have lots of money I would have crashed this laptop into pieces.. and buy a SUPER COMPUTER!! that feels like I'm flying because it's fast.. fuck!!! akkk I'm going crazy.. now I have to get a break in order to lessen my angst against my fcking crap laptop.. - - and oh btw my OS is VISTA.. the stupid vista.. *sigh* Even though I wanted to change my OS so badly.. I just can't find the vacant or right time to do so.. because I have lots of things to do on this laptop.. *sigh* Please someone gift me a BRAND NEW laptop.. I would really make LOTS of blog entries in a day if that happens.. LOLOLOL *hoping so bad* XD

Anyways because I'm taking a break... I must calm myself through fandom.. XD
I'm sorry but there's no more SCANDAL.. LOOOOL *cough cough* I mean I have no update for today about SCANDAL :)))
(c) timo of SCANDAL ♫

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh no!!

Can you please take your distance to her Taecyeon? LOL! Even though you are my husband #4 it doesnt mean I will not harm you. (WTF?) Get away from precioussssss SUZY!!! AAAAAHHHH *screaaaam*
Besides Suzy is for Kim Soo Hyun.. so please back off!!!
ahhh but looking at Suzy she's really having fun acting on DH 1.. The best epic smile from her 
Hwaiting Suzy!!
Taec better go home at our house and feed the kids (WTH???? hahahah I was shocked too.. never thought I would write that LOLOL)
More photos to commmeeeeee...... 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SUZY.gif #1

PLEASE GIVE CREDITS!! If you'll use or share this file on other websites.. Direct my blog's link!
Thanks! *heart* 

Starting today, I will post .gif files of Suzy here on my blog.. Just to make more liveliness!! wohooo! Make sure to always visit my blog to see more Suzy updates in the near future! ;) 

More Pre Debut Pics of Suzy

wow! I'm wide awake not because of school works.. but because of fandom. AKK! I'm having hard time to control it.. It's getting worst and worst as day passes by.. waaaaah!! *A*
But anyways.. at least I'm enjoying right? It's just that my grades are going to suffer.. huhuhuh and I dont want it at all!!! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Anyways aside from ranting all about my habit of procrastination I'm here to present few photos of my little sister Suzy (YEAH! definitely I'm hallucinating everything about the sister thing~hohoho) *sigh I want a little sister!!! XDD 

Suzy's pre-debut pics
enjoy all these photos.. I'm gonna state my opinion about each photos too just to make it fun.
My head is really getting hyper when it comes to talking about Suzy.. I wonder if there's a subject at our school called Suzy mania subject.. maybe I would graduate as a top notcher... DAMMIT!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

[03-08-12] Suzy @M! Countdown

I just got well from sickness.. I have tonsillitis and fever at the same time.. oh i have a cold too.. DANG it! is that a flu? with tonsillitis? LOL! anyways.. luckily I've recovered after a long night sleep.. and it's all because of my mom and brother who took care of me.. my brother was so sweet he bought hot noodles and he's the one who prepared it as well for me.. talk about sweeeeetness.. my mom took care of me the whole night, gave me medicine and really did spare her whole night till morning just to check me out on my room, even though I'm already 19 years old.. it really felt like I'm a little child again.. Oh I love such feeling.. but I dont like the feeling of having sickness.. NOOOO!! not again.. = = whew.. I so love my mom and big bro! they are the best!!! *heart* *heart*

anyways... I'm here to give awesome photos I got.. yey!
It's about Suzy! oh yea oh yea!!! 
I think this was the first time they've got beaten from their comeback of touch at all Music shows.. and yeah it's so predictable that BIGBANG beat them.. I'm not surprised at all.. It's okay Miss A, you gals did your very best till the end.. you guys still is the champion for me!! *heart*
NOTE: Photos are all accredited to the name stated by the watermark on the photos.  
Please read this first before OVER REACTING.. Thank you

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keismagic featuring Bae Su Ji (Miss A's Suzy)

Do you guys know how much excited I am to do this blog entry? I just can't hide how joyful I am. waaaaah SUZYYYYY!! *saranghaeyo*

Today I decided to give all the facts I know about Suzy. Do you know why I'm so addicted with this girl? Well aside from she's my super IDOL when it comes to talent in singing as well as my role model when it comes to taking care of herself. She's my no. 1 when it comes to making my entertained sooo much!!! I love the fact that she's free-spirit, very fun to be with because she's so kind-hearted as well as she knows how to go with the flow on what's happening on her environment. Which is why, she's been loved by lots of people and becoming netizen's favorite on variety shows.

*SIGH* seriously, I dont know how to stop my fandom over this girl, she's so amazing. I just wish that I'll be able to meet her in the future. I hope I'll become successful like her at that young age.I envy suzy so much!!  waaah suzy!! you're my guilty pleasure!!! *heart*

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Meeting SUZY?

If it really happens that I'll be given a chance to meet Miss A Suzy, probably I would really prepare myself the night before  meeting her. I would buy clothes that will make her feel like I'm the most beautiful fan she had ever seen in her entire life! HAHAHA! but seriously I wanted to impress her, because she's such a beauty and I think she deserved to see beauties as well. :)) 
But in all honesty.. I really don't know what will I do If the day has really come for us to see each other. Like seriously?? I would end up being speechless in front of her.. but if ever I'll become crazy that day even if it's just a fan meeting, shaking hands with her.. without no hesitation I would really grab and hug her.. even if the security stop me.. AAAAHHHKKKK.. At least I have felt of being in heaven.. wahahaha! *what the fuck am I saying??* LOL! But NO! Suzy might get angry and gives a negative impression to me... that'll be the worst thing.. O_O So yeah WHAAAAT WILL I DOOOOOOOO???? :((( 
Can I confess to her and tell that she's my inspiration when it comes to loving myself? WTF?? :))) bbut in all honesty.. Suzy really inspires me to do lots of lovable things like... taking care of myself, having a happy go lucky personality and of course trying my hardest in all the things I'm doing.. yeaaaahh such an inspiration to do good.. That's why I really like her.. Even though that I'm older than her for about 2 years.. I still see her as my ROLE MODEL!!! 
Another step I'm thinking when I got the chance to meet her.. is just talk to her nicely.. take her hands and say thank you for everything.. LOL! thanks for entertaining me.. :((( uwaaaa... *cries a river* the drama should be there so that she'll be touched and never forget me... :))) but I wonder if she can understand english.. what the EF! Do I still need to study KOREAN? seriously??  = = dammit!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WOW! Fantastic Baby!!

Definitely one of the fantastic videos YG has ever created for BIGBANG! Dammit the first time I saw it, felt like my mind and heart would come out of my body!! GAAAAH! LOL!

I love GD's "woooo oooooooo" on the chorus part, I dont know it felt like so cute and so charismatic... *okay why did I just say that?* But, in my own opinion I think GD is the least appealing for me on this video when it comes to the physical appearance. Maybe, because his style and fashion is already expected.. Yeah it's very predictable.. yet I still love his "woooo-oooo" on the chorus and "eh?, huh? (whatever)" lol part somewhere in the 2nd verse after the chorus! :)) haha!

and seriously GD, I just wanted to cut that long orange hair of yours.. It just doesn't suit you, duh? go get a clean cut! LOL
I get it you're supposed to be an owl like appearance so I dont get why you have long hair.. was that supposed to be the wings? :))

Monday, March 05, 2012

SCANDAL at Shuukan Playboy Mag (and other magz)

Today, I'm sooo HAPPY. Not because of fandom but because of studies. *yeah I'm a geek, lolwut?* 
I dont know but it feels like my RMA is getting really enjoyable.. oh btw, RMA is our research method for architecture. My topic? *secreeeeeet* LOL! But yeah I love my thesis project, it really is my dream to build such wonderful structure. It's my dream to own such kind of building.. uwaaaaa... *ideas are overflowiiiiing* 

But anyways, I'm here to give you guys photos from the magazines I collected. Yeah new photo contents in that magazine of "Playboy" whaaaat? this is getting really being a SCANDAL!!! WAAA!  hopefully these girls won't pose like AKB does with sexy bikinis.. NO!!! Girls.. please NO!!! I would definitely leave my fandom on you guys if it really happens.. BUT I'm sure they are not that vulgar kind of persons. *hoping* and of course they are NOT that very well desperate!!!! pls.. pls.. plss.... T.T 

Okay before posting the photos I would like to say again! LOL 
Please give credits if photos in the blog will be used.. *heart*

SCANDAL at Shuukan Playboy Mag

Organized medias (sample-Miss Adorable Suzy)

I've started this day unproductively, why is it so hard to concentrate on school works? *A* ahhhh..
Anyways I found lots of reliable sources for updating Suzy's media like photos. I really wanted all my collections to be in an organized way, OC much? But yeah, I don't want to end up going crazy with the over-flowing files like before, my collection of SCANDAL band's medias like videos and photos.. I seriously am having a headache while organizing those files so late.. dammit.. I got too excited.

Anyways, here's an example of compiling Suzy's photos in an organized way :) *I'll be sharing more of these in the near future.. so cheer up! because this site will give you tons of SUZY love all the way!! *heart*

SUZY at BTV-MTV Festival (11-12-07)
NOTE: Photos are all accredited to the name stated by the watermark on the photos.  
Please read this first before OVER REACTING.. Thank you

Saturday, March 03, 2012

So what?

Damn I told myself to do not blog for the meantime since I'm not yet done with my thesis proposal paper works but I just can't help it. GAAAH

So What... if Miss A Suzy mentions Kim Soo Hyun's name on live broadcasts? You guys are just jealous over their close friend relationship!! hmp!

When I saw the news allkpop shared, about MISS A Suzy being criticized by netizens by keep on mentioning Kim Soo Hyun's name on television. I seriously exploded seeing this. I know and I observed the same manner which Suzy is doing, but I did not really complain at all because I ship them to be real couple. But don't you guys think it's awkward to actually criticize Suzy for such behavior? What do these netizens think of? Can't they be real good friends who always tease one another? WTF!! What's wrong with all the fans nowadays? This is just nonsense. As we all know Kim Soo Hyun who played as the king at the popular The Moon That Embraces the Sun is getting a lot of attention and fame by the people. Maybe they are thinking that Suzy is just using Kim Soo Hyun's name to get more popular too.. I say that's fcking NONSENSE! again!! dammit, Suzy is well popular too not just in Korea but in many continents as well. The two of them are partners in Dream High 1 and they are both having great careers after it. They both deserved to get fame because they worked hard of it ON THEIR OWN... *sigh* Seriously, I dont really get what's their real point or intention of criticizing her. btches.. fuuuu

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bigbang is back!!!

Yeah I know I'm quite late to post this blog entry, but I think I still am on time talking about this. Since as we all know yesterday (February 29) was just the date they've released their full mini album online. :) and yeah Bad Boy MV came out as well.

What can I say, the 1st time I saw their 1st MV for this mini-album I was already amazed with how catchy and reminiscing their voices as they blend with one another. Can't also believe how awesome Seungri's voice is!! DANG! I know he can sing, but never thought that his voice was that great after I heard him singing the chorus for BLUE. And the most shocking part of ALL! LOL! T.O.P is singing!!! fuuuuu! WHAT THE!!! haha! well yeah his voice is really creepy when he's singing a ballad or a slow or even a normal tune! you know what I mean? haha!
check this one out!
It's the top-obsessed fans who heard it all. They've lower the voice of Daesung in the chorus, so that they'll be able to hear TOP's voice blending in. Wasn't it cool? I find it really amazing and very addictive. Maybe his voice really just needed to find where it can be fitted very well. LOL