Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shocking Maeda Atsuko's "scandal?"

Okay seriously this blog entry that I will write about is actually painful for me, call me dramatic and emotional but it's really true. There are quite a lot of things that had happened within this year.. within my fandom and to Maeda Atsuko whom I'm watching over these past months. I'm quite addicted to her, I admit and I'm not the only one. She graduated in AKB48, although it was hard for me to accept.. I still tried to and decided to just support her till the end because I want her to reach her dreams too. If leaving AKB would give her that huge opportunity then I have no right to sob in the corner and tell myself I'm gonna quit this fandom.

Her graduation was one of the most heart breaking period of my fandom ever since the world begun [lol], I really cried on her graduation and totally cannot work well on my school stuff because I'm totally depressed. I'm thinking what will happen to her, what will happen to my AtsuMina, what if she gets boyfriend right away? I'm really worried as hell. But I need to trust her and believe in her that she can do it.

Witnessing the separation of my Atsumina at Shin Domoto Kyoudai, was again another unbearable event for my fandom. I'm quite disappointed at few things I've discovered about them, about Atsumina going to Takaharu and Atsuyuu. [augh]

I already got my heart broken many times now just because I've decided to take this path, this fandom over Maeda Atsuko. So did I regret anything? No I did not, I'm still holding on to this girl for I know we are heading straight in reaching her dream!

But then again, fate really is playing with us..

This scandal came about [Shunkan Bunshun releases scandal pics of Maeda Atsuko]

To be honest I was really shocked seeing these pics. I don't know how to react. I was like about to go crazy now.. I can't believe it. My attention went straight to the guy carrying Acchan like just some animal he picked up in the streets. Like heck? You're a man [and worst you're kamen rider, lol] and you can't carry a drunk woman properly? Even if you say he's skinny and all, are you saying Maeda is heavy as a fat lady? No, shit!

People are saying that "hey, Takeru Sato was so gentleman I actually want them to date together. I'm not against this"... I won't restrict you for saying such coz I'm also [somehow] thankful if it's true that he insisted to bring her home with that drunk stature of Acchan. [not thankful as he exposed Acchan's precious butt!! lol]  But comments from people wanting them to date each other? they are fitted for each other? They looked good on each other? I say STFU!

He can't even hold nor carry her properly and you guys are saying you guys are okay with them being together? He can't even handle that situation nor to hide themselves and not trolling around the streets and paparazzis taking pics.. like hell? Maybe some people are right, Shunkan Bunshun's pics were just captured in an ugly and exaggerating scandalous views.. But still.. I find it not so gentleman for a guy to carry a woman like that.

And here, I don't really mind if she dates any guy she wanted.. I'll let her loose up and get the guy she wanted.. as she really wanted to experience love life after 21 years.. I don't mind at all... But hopefully she gets the right man that won't make her cry nor disappointed and jealous. *cough* Takaboy *cough*

The other thing that's bothering me for this scandal is that, she was drunk and crying. For some reason there is a thing behind all those. Problems maybe? Regretting things [graduation maybe?]? Lonely being alone? [she looked lonely being alone-stated by takamina in SDK] 
Or maybe she felt overwhelming feelings as she became emotionally unstable at everything that's happening to her all at once. She can't move on yet coz it's too hard for her, or an unbearable  burden to her more than of being the ace. She's new, she has just become a soloist just a few days.. and there's nothing wrong to feel these things which is I'm speculating. 

People were also talking about, "she's not akb anymore, she's already an adult...she can loose it up, date anyone, party harder.. no rules are to be obeyed anymore." Yes you guys are right, she can do whatever she wanted and no-one actually prohibits her to do that.. but if you'll look it.. is it a proper lady's doing to get drunk and be carried by a man on the streets? Is it a proper woman? Is it a woman you want Atsuko to be? A drunk woman going wild and can be seen, captured by paparazzi like a scandalous one? 

I know maybe the newspaper just wanted to get some hits, and totally looking for a great subject that the world would talk about.. and they found Atsuko.. Nope it isn't the newspaper/paparazzi's who is at fault on this... Don't you think if Acchan became more careful.. would there be a "so called" SCANDAL like this to be brought up?? NO!

So if we are going to look at it, there is actually nothing wrong if other fans became so emotional and blame nor scold Acchan in this kind of situation.. I would say they also have a point in doing so.. There is actually nothing wrong with being mad, and get so affected with this.. for fucking hell, we love Maeda Atsuko.. soo much. We're concerned with her future.. and we can't just calm down and tell the world that she can act like any wild woman.. Guys, I know you all wanted her to have a normal life like any other lady.. but she's different guys.. she's MAEDA ATSUKO.. she's famous, she has prestigious career to be take cared of.. she is different.. but yes she can still party and act normal and experience everything she wanted.. but in A CAREFUL WAY... no one prohibits her to do these things... we're just wishing that she'll be responsible enough to take care of herself.. and don't lose her mind. The graduation is still fresh, and this came up. We all know there still is a connection between her and AKB48.. even if she had graduated already.. everyone knows she's AKB.. because she was the no. 1 after all when she left. With this selfishness of her... Akip, Takamina and members would really get themselves sad and worried about this. The reputation of Maeda Atsuko the ex-AKB ace is on the line.. I wonder what was the reaction of Acchan seeing herself like that on the newspaper.. and I wonder as well how Takamina comforted nor scolded her in this kind of situation.. 

Maeda Atsuko might be having a breakdown [or not?].. she's a woman who can't express her true feelings through words.. I wonder how she will handle things.. now ON HER OWN.. But I'm sure her friends esp. on AKB won't leave her all behind this.. they are all friends after all... 

But then again, my other point for this blog entry is.. to challenge everyone how much they love and cared about this MAEDA ATSUKO. If you're a real supporter or fan of her.. would you leave her at times of difficulties like this?? Would you say you'll burn out your stuff related to her just because she made a once in a lifetime mistake? Would you not forgive her after the years she made you laugh, smile, and get seduced? [lol] Come on guys.. she needs us, we maybe disappointed about this issue.. but let's just hold on a bit longer and just have faith in her... Let's give her another chance. 

EDIT: (added Sept. 12) 
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  1. nice blog entry...kamen rider..lolz

  2. lol. Did you EVER have to carry a drunken person who is unconscious? It doesn't matter how thin you are, you will ALWAYS feel a lot heavier. Since the person cannot carry her own weight it's like carrying 2 or 3 times the weight...been there, done that. At least he was kind enough to carry her home.

  3. Totally agree. I have same feeling with you.

  4. Hmm I don't know what to say. Having boyfriend is fine, drinking is also fine, but drinking to that extent? Also looking at her expression it doesn't look like she drank it out of celebrating, it's like she was sad about something.

    P.S.: Atsumina is still Atsumina. Acchan living together with Yuko and Harugon doesn't turn Atsumina into Atsuyuu or Kojiharu. Atsumina is still there and the fans are still there. Enough said. And Atsumina's fans don't have to fight with ATsuyuu's fans since ATsumina has always been the ultimate pairing of AKB, no other pairing involving Acchan or Takamina can break them. People(not just atsumina's fans) always ask or wonder how Takamina feels when something happens to Acchan, for instance this, they don't ask about Yuko.

    Sorry I'm just ranting but I do want to know the cause behind all of this, why Acchan got this drunk and it looks like she was crying!

  5. Acchan has my full support, no matter what happens or what she does.

  6. thank you..
    because your blog i can think better about Acchan..

  7. you are right , I feel a little bit relived now, thank you
    I will always support Acchan

  8. "You're a man [and worst you're kamen rider, lol] and you can't carry a drunk woman properly?"

    Um, you do know that all the Rider stunts are done by a trained stunt actor, right? Also that Takeru was 17 when he was in that role AND that his character was supposed to be weak and unlucky. Don't use that as a basis as to why he can't carry her properly now.

  9. Keis....you are totally right!! That's true, I also don't want her to become like that, but there must be a reason behind all this, Thank you cause of you I'm thinking back to support her...I just had headache when see all this shi....t!! My fiction also suspended because of this...but when read your feeling through this blog, I've my courage back to support her.. Acchan, seriously take care of yourself, GanmBatte!!!

  10. While you may have good intentions, you deffo come off as a creepy cunt with this post.

  11. she is a celebrity, she should be responsible for herself and her actions. if she is old enough to drink then she is old enough to bear with the consequences and responsibilities that goes along with it. she should've used her head and not rely on the people around her.

  12. if you had seen Q10 dorama on 2nd episod, there was a scene when heita(takeru) piggy backed Q10(maeda)to carry her with tender love and care. why he didnt do it again in real situation??????.
    damn you skinny kamen rider, you should know her weight because you have piggy back her before,

    poor Acchan, hope you dont hurt so much after this shamefull incident.

  13. All I can say is..when you get dead drunk you are literally 3 times heavier than your usual weight.

  14. That's how Kenshin Himura carrying a drunken girl

  15. Your only mad because of the basis he cant carry her properly?
    This blog is informative..
    But thats a very stupid reason to hate the guy,
    or maybe this is some side plot to get comments..
    but anyway nice post..

  16. Takeru is a smart actor he knows that the face has more value than the behind. lol. (thats why he covers her face with the sweater). Come on dont be so judgmental on who is to be blamed. They are just in an awkward situation being harrassed by the paparrazzi. Its so nice of him to take her home right away so that she will not be more wasted in public. Hats off for Takeru for taking a CAB not driving.. Whats more worst than a DUI. Takeru is so resposible !!!! ... This incident is just sensationalized for papers vested interest. Either way Good or Bad its still PUBLICITY.

  17. While I feel sorry for Acchan, I don't think Takeru deserves to get blamed. he was helpless in this situation because carrying a drunk person is no joke, plus paps are all over the place. did he also drink? Because that would definitely affect his strength. Speaking of scandals, akb got another one involving minegishi (just throwing this here lol)

  18. ...for me all I want is the best future for Acchan, of course for the members of AKB also but its really tearing me apart seeing this heart breaking scenarios.... no matter what she'll have my support... Atsumina
    ......♥♥♥ forever ♥♥♥... hmmm.. it'll be a painfull Valentines for me..

  19. nice one broo :) .. i like it XD :) i just new akb last month XD

  20. I am not of japanese and indirect follow JPop. until I found AKB48. AKB48 is the only JPop singers and groups I like. perhaps because they seem honest with their music. from the 1st generation, they work very hard to bring the image and music of AKB48. My favorite is oshima yuko, takahashi minami and maeda atsuko of course. I'm from malaysia and it's hard to get the story of the AKB48 members from here...graduation of acchan and yuko make me very sad, because I still want to see them in AKB48. and read this story about acchan is really breaking my heart. Poor acchan. She was young and how she wanted to face real life as a solo artist in the real world. She is a happy member of AKB48. However I am still and will remain interested with acchan. She is a great artist and she has a potential to go a long way. Hope she does not overdo it and choose the wrong path. Please stay and support her.

  21. ♥♥ I belive in Acchan ♥♥
    ♥♥ I will support Acchan for ever ♥♥
    ♥♥ AtsuMina ♥♥